Jimmy's Escape Room

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

About Jimmy’s Escape

What is Jimmy’s Escape Room?

We are a real-life escape game where participants are locked in a room and must race against the clock in order to escape. Teams will need to use their logic, wit, and communication skills in order to discover clues and solve our riddles and puzzles. The goal is to solve the mystery and escape within 55 minutes!

Why Jimmy’s Escape Room?

Escape rooms are spreading across the country as a new and exciting entertainment and team-building service. This is an experience that is great for individuals of all ages and skill level. However there are a number of subpar escape rooms that don’t offer a truly immersive or well-designed experience. These are escape rooms that share a generic and bland approach towards their puzzles and room layout. We aim to be the exact opposite of this! Our rooms are thoroughly-planned and full of immersive puzzles, even utilizing Arduino technology in order to ensure our customers a fulfilling experience.

About Booking

Is booking available through the phone?

Absolutely, just give us a call at (973)-337-5657 and we can provide you with all the information you will need.

What is the canceling policy?

If you have already reserved a time, you must cancel your reservation at least 24 hours in advance in order to secure a refund. Otherwise, you will not get a refund as other groups may not have had a chance to book their escape during your reserved time slot.

Can I bring an extra friend?

If there is still space in your booking, you can and should bring a friend! All guests will need a ticket to participate.

How do I reserve a date?

First select the room which you would like to play and then select the date and time that your team prefers. Proceed to checkout.

Will we be booked with strangers?

We have the option for you to play a private game. However, if you don’t want a private game then there is a chance to play with strangers as well if you prefer!

About Game

Is there an age limit?

The game is made for all ages, but caution should be exercised as these are tough riddles, and may not be as fun if they are unable to experience. We do ask that participants be at least 12 or older, for public booking sessions. Children under 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Which room should I play first?

All of our rooms are made with a creative storyline, so please choose whichever entices you the most. You can read more about our rooms here.

Are we really locked in a room?

Of course you are, it wouldn’t be realistic then! But don’t worry a Game Master will be monitoring you via our audio/video surveillance.

How many people per room?

Our rooms vary in size, but our largest can accommodate 8 people. We require at least 2 people in each room!

What if the time runs out?

You will be trapped in the room forever. Just kidding! We will still let you out once the time has expired.

Do I get a prize if i escape?

There will be a leaderboards for weekly group participants who complete the room. If your group wins then they will get a free pass to our upcoming rooms and your group photo will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram page!

What time should I arrive?

We recommend for people to come at least 15 minutes before the game, so you can mentally prepare your brain and there will be a briefing before you start your game.

Will we get any help?

If you are really really stuck then yes – our GameMasters can offer 3 hints if you like.

How long is the game?

The whole experience will be about 1 hour and the game itself is 55 minutes.

About Safety

Is it safe to be locked in the room?

A GameMaster will be closely monitoring you just in case anything happens and we can let you out at any given time. ­

About Travel

Are there any parking spaces?

There is parking available behind the building, as well as street parking nearby. Check out contact page for an overview of our location.