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Experience a unique live adventure that's perfect for families, friends, teammates, and coworkers! You only have 55 minutes. Can you escape in time?

Book the room and get locked in for 55 minutes!

Observe the fine details and find the hidden clues

Solve the puzzles and riddles

Escape and celebrate your victory!

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The Lighthouse

It all started so innocently. A lovely boat ride for you and your fellow mariners along New Jersey's picturesque Hudson River water front? What could go wrong? Hours later, you awake to find yourselves trapped as captives in a mysterious lighthouse. Will you be able to escape and regain your freedom? (Intermediate Level) Click here to book this room!

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You and a group of friends go into an abandoned insane Asylum to ghost hunt. The place is eerie and dark. You're hesitant to go in but that hasn't stopped you before. You stumble upon an inmate's cell to see some of his belongings still there. Everyone walks in and the door slams behind you. What do you do now? Will you be able to escape or will you go insane like the rest of the patients? (Intermediate to Expert Level) Click here to book this room!

What is an Escape Room?

A live Escape Room Game is a real-life interactive adventure experience. You and your team of friends, family members, co-workers or even strangers will be locked in a room surrounded by puzzle, riddles, clues, codes, locks, and mechanisms. You will need to solve these challenges by working together as a team . Problem solving skills, logic and patience will all come in handy but in main ingredient to escaping the room is to have sheer determination, the will to be collaborate and a great sense of fun!

Team Building


Looking for team building event you group can actually get excited about? Jimmy’s Escape Room offers exciting, challenging rooms that are perfect for strengthening and observing any group. Your group will be locked in a room filled with puzzles, keys, riddles, locks and an assortment of other surprises with only an hour to solve everything and find a way out, Contact us at info@jimmysescaperoom.com for more information on how to make your next team building event a hit.


Escape games are a great way to make your next birthday party, family reunion, bachelor party, or any other event more memorable. For these events, we can add special touches to the rooms; how excited would your child be to find their big birthday present hidden in the room? Or, you could surprise your significant other by finding an engagement ring at the end of the room. Contact us with any idea you have to make your escape experience more personal. Email us at info@jimmysescaperoom.com with a date and time and we’ll help you make your next event a special memory.

Leadership Development

During most escapes, someone will emerge as a leader to ensure that your team is working together


Learning to work collectively as a group will guarantee an effective escape

Observe Interactions

Get a look at how effectively and efficiently your team work together in a challenging environment

Improve Communications

Share ideas and strategies with your team to test your abilities to accomplish common goals

Morale & Motivation

Motivate your team and get them excited to bond with one another!


Beak the ice quickly by getting your team involved in a fun and challenging escape experience



Our game offers much more than the typical computer game. giving you the chance to experience a story live. To help you become immersed in the storyline, the game are thematically designed to look authentic and real.


Playing Jimmy’s Escape Room doesn’t just test you ability to stay cool in tight situation, but also your reasoning and logic skills, through carefully designed puzzles that hide an exciting plot.


Plan the most thrilling birthday and propose to your loved one in a memorable way with our special events themes.


Not only is the experience intellectually challenging, but it is also made more intense by the clock. You only have 55 minutes to solve the mystery, escape the room and avert a disaster.


Our rooms require great under-pressure cooperation and communication skills. It is the ideal place to build relationship within a corporate team, a group of friends or a family.


With realistic settings, enthralling story lines and a creepy overtone. Escape Room is a veritable adrenaline rush and an entirely new way to have fun.

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